Sunday, April 5, 2009

Japanese Art Culture

Recently, my college is having an art gallery specially for this Japanese Art Culture. That day is really full of people, most of them are not Inti students but other school one and also parents too. Too bad that day I was having my drama, so I miss all the fun stuff. When I rush to the spot, I found out it was finished already, so disappointing......but luckily I manage to take some photos with the pictures !

Me and my friend, MayHui. We both want to take photo with this picture.

Such a cute girl with a cute pose.

Really nice art isn't it ?
There also have pottery expo. I missed the demonstration of pottery making and also the watercolor painting, my friend said that they are really awesome but i missed them all !

But I manage to take photo with them.....

My drama session.
Our drama......I can say that during our drama we really mess it up. We forget the speech, we forget what to do next and so so.....really chan lo !

Me and my other friend, Chou Min. Having fun with the fake wig. Actually it is belong to Snow White.

Here is our Snow he pretty ? ( He is a boy actually)

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